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Here a small selection of impressions from Ghana:
(The entire set of fotos from Ghana you see in the menu private)

In the galleries you find a selection of pictures from the village Bonuama, in which we had our Workcamp. It is naturally the origin of my Domain.

Gallery 1: Bonuama

Gallery 2: Workcamp

A Workamp doesn´t have its name without a reason. We´ve worked daily (details in addition with the reports). The result of our work is to be found here.

On the weekends we left Bonuama , in order to have a look at Cape Coast or Kumasi. In these galleries you can find a few photos of it.

Gallery 3: Cape Coast

Gallery 4: Tour de Ghana

After the arduous weeks in the camp we´ve traveled, of course. Here you can admire far beaches, impressing waterfalls or simply breathtaking nature..

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